A medical professional, identifiable by her white coat and stethoscope, engaging in a friendly interaction with a woman and a young child. The woman and child appear to be patients or visitors, and they are smiling and looking at a digital tablet that the medical professional is holding. The atmosphere is cheerful, suggesting a positive and caring healthcare environment. The child is sitting on the woman's lap, indicating a family visit to the doctor's office.


Holistic Care for All

Welcome to our community hub, fostering a vibrant space for
our Los Angeles community's physical, mental, and spiritual

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Holistic Care
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We Accept
Medical Groups:
• Altamed
• Preferred
• Bella Vista
• Regal
• Medi-Cal
• Medicare
• Covered California
• Commercial HMO

I am very satisfied with the services. I came here for blood work and physical exam, which have processed very quickly without waiting long time. The doctors and the staffs at 3 C medical clinic are very kind, and doctors are very knowledgeable. The way they provide service are remarkable. The doctors care about patients and give them real solutions. Absolutely, I recommend this clinic to my friends.
J.Y., 6 Year Clinic Patient
I switched to 3C clinic from GP with whom I've been for years and I could not be happier.  Appointments are available next day. I used to wait for weeks at other clinics. This clinic is clean, new, modern office. Very nice front desk. They always follow up to let me know the status of the referral authorization.
V.E, 3 Year Clinic Patient
This office is super understanding and proactive in giving me the help I need. In the past, I have been treated differently at certain doctors offices and hospitals because of my race, so I worry about that some times. I had no issue with this office. This office has always been courteous and treated me with respect.
T.M, 5 Year Clinic Patient

Primary Services

Primary Services

A doctor listening to an elderly male patient's chest with a stethoscope in a clinical setting.

Physical Exam

• Wellness Check-up
• Vaccination
• Health Education
A person sitting at a table, checking blood sugar levels with a glucometer, with a pill bottle nearby.

Chronic Illness

• Hypertension
• Cholesterol
• Diabetes
A joyful baby sitting on a mother's lap, laughing as a doctor uses a stethoscope during an examination.

Specialty Referral

• Dedicated Referral Team

In One location

Extended Services

Two women engaged in a serious conversation, with one holding a pen and clipboard as if taking notes.

Mental Health

• Stress
• Depression/ Anxiety
• Sleep Disorders
Close-up of a person's back undergoing acupuncture treatment with multiple needles inserted.


• Arthritis/ Joint Problem
• Back/ neck/ Knee Pain
• Other Supportive Care
A dentist with gloved hands examines a smiling male patient's teeth.

Dental Care

• Preventive Care
• Screening/ Exam
• Consultation

We will come to you

Delivered Services

A healthcare professional wearing a face mask uses a tablet, interacting with a group of seated individuals in a brightly colored room.


• To Churches
• To Organizations
• To Businesses
An elderly woman with purple hair sitting in an armchair, smiling as she has a video call with her doctor on a tablet.

Virtual Visits

• Televisits
• Video Consultation
• Electronic Prescriptions
A diverse group of adults in a circle during a discussion, with one woman gesturing while speaking.

Representing our community

KORAM Research Center: Advancing Culturally Sensitive Care for the Underserved

The KORAM Research Center serves as the research arm dedicated to the study of culturally sensitive care for the underserved. In collaboration with local and global universities and research centers, KORAM actively publishes journals and articles focused on enhancing health quality and safety for immigrants across a range of subjects.


Patient's Education Hub

Discover expert insights and practical tips to enhance your well-being. We're here
to ensure you have the resources you need for a healthier, informed life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance/ Medical groups do you take?
• Medi-Cal
• Medicare
• Covered California
• Commercial HMO
• AltaMed
• Preferred
• Bella Vista
• Regal
How do I schedule an appointment?
1. First, call us at +1 213 322 2666
2. Provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Reason for Appointment

Our staff will review our schedule and give you the earliest spot available.
How do I refill my prescription?
1. Call your pharmacy 2 to 3 days in advance to request a refill.
2. Check with the pharmacy 2 to 3 days later to confirm your medication is ready.
3. If ready, pick up at your earliest convenience.
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What do I need to bring in as a First Visit Patient?
1. Fast for 6 hours the day before your appointment if you have physical exam.

2. Come 10-15 minutes earlier to fill out the forms.
Bring the following items:
• Photo ID/ Driver license
• Insurance Card
• List of your medication
if you are taking any
• Bring any records
you want to go over with the provider.
How do I refill my prescription?
1. Call your pharmacy 2 to 3 days in advance to request a refill.
2. Check with the pharmacy 2 to 3 days later to confirm your medication is ready.
3. If ready, pick up at your earliest convenience.
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How to change Personal Care Provider (PCP)?
1. Please call your (Name of Health Plan)

2. Provide the following information:
• Primary Care Physician: Dr. Rosemarie Melchor
• NPI: 1982682969
• Address: 3030 W Olympic Blvd Suite #206, Los Angeles, CA 90006
• Phone Number: (213) 322-2666