About Us
Welcome to 3C CLINIC, where health meets compassion. Established on August 15th, 2017, in the heart of Los Angles, we are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services with a personalized touch. At 3C CLINIC, your well-being is our priority. Explore our commitment to excellence and the thriving community we've built.
In Action

Our philosophy

Serving the Underserved & Immigrant Communities

We are a non-profit 501C(3) organization rooted in Christian faith, devoted to serving our community, with a particular focus on addressing the needs of the underserved and immigrant populations.

Our mission is to build a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy community.


Our Actions

Addressing Health Disparities and Promoting Cultural Sensitivity

Our dedication stems from a genuine desire to address prevalent issues such as health disparities, health illiteracy, and the provision of culturally sensitive services. Werecognize and aim to overcome challenges such as language barriers that can hinderaccess to essential care.


Our achievements

Connecting Communities with High-Quality Medical Services

Our approach involves Caring for our target population by facilitating their Connection to a healthier Community by delivering affordable and high-quality medical services. Ensuring swift and appropriate referrals is a top priority, and we invest significant effort in promptly linking individuals with the right specialties.


representing our community

KORAM Research Center: Advancing Culturally Sensitive Care for the Underserved

The KORAM Research Center serves as the research arm dedicated to the study of culturally sensitive care for the underserved. In collaboration with local and global universities and research centers, KORAM actively publishes journals and articles focused on enhancing health quality and safety for immigrants across a range of subjects.